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A note from Daniel Brindley / Founder & CEO of MMLB

I am a club owner and I am tired of simply selling tickets and beer. I created Music Makes Life Better, along with the crew here at Jammin' Java, to turn the idea of what a concert venue is on it's head. And it all started from asking a crazy question, "Can a nightclub be a service organization?"

Music Makes Life Better is Jammin' Java's answer to that question, and the answer is "Yes!"

Music makes life better in so many ways, doesn't it? It's inspiring, definitely entertaining, and even educational. Live music as well has such a powerful ability to bring people together in one place. With Music Makes Life Better, our intention is to improve people's lives through music. More specifically, we exist to inspire our audiences to serve. We do this through "better concerts" where we connect with charities within 20 miles of our front door, we present great concerts that spotlight these charities, and ultimately inspire the audience to get out and serve through these charities with their time, energy, and talents. In our first year, Music Makes Life Better held 14 shows, sold over a thousand tickets, and raised nearly $15,000 for local causes. As we continue to grow, we hope to see our community of service spread and our model implemented in venues around the world.

If you love music and have a heart for service, then you have found your home here at Music Makes Life Better. We appreciate your support and encourage you to get involved - after all, that's what we're all about.

Daniel Brindley

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